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Berlin/wroc_love.rb Bus, Details

Since it's only a little more than a week until departure, here are the details about the upcoming trip:

Departure in Berlin is at the Ostbahnhof, intersection of Am Ostbahnhof and Koppenstraße. Departure time: Friday 11am (so please be there around 10:45, to make sure you get the best place on the bus;) We should arrive to Wrocław around 4pm, when the first event starts. Yes, the road to Wrocław is pretty bad.

We will have 2 stops in Wrocław.

Both places are in the center.

We leave Wrocław from Plac Dominikański. There is a bus stop there, close to the shopping center. It's the same place as last time. Expect 15 minutes walking distance from the venue.

Departure time: Sunday 08.15 pm ( please try to be there a few minutes earlier).

If you want to get something to eat or drink for the trip, there is a supermarket open on Sundays in the shopping center. The way back should take us less time (as the road back is better;)).

In Berlin we stop at Ostbahnhof.

Contact details in case of emergency:

+491725171920 (german mobile) or +48512270292 (polish mobile).

or mail us at bus@asquera.de as long as we're still in germany :).

In case you haven't: tickets can be bought here. If you cannot pay by credit card for whatever reason, please send us a mail.