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First-class Backends

Every modern product on the internet is driven by data. We bring a data-centric approach to your product: in your frontend, your backend and your reporting scripts. Whether you just need a well-constructed database or a fully distributed and mobile architecture planned and constructed, we are here to help you out.

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what we do

Backend Systems

We specialise on the things below the covers: databases, queues, caches, APIs and the tiny details that make them all work together. We have a strong focus on solutions that use standard software in clever ways, making sure that your software is future-proof.

Software Architecture

You have an idea of the _what_, but not sure about the _how_? We offer assistance in all phases of the development cycle: consultation before starting of implementation, during the implementation phase, and also as a review of recent work.

Distributed Systems

Do you want to build a system that covers multiple locations around the globe and connect to your end-users using modern web technologies? Call us.


Talking is one thing, Implementation the other. We believe in the importance of building the things you recommend and happily assist you in putting plans into action.

Infrastructure and Configuration Management

Automation of deployment and testing is growing more and more important. We don't stop with the servers, but can help you in getting all systems set up quickly, including your development system.

Metrics Driven Methodologies

Knowing what happens is half of your trade. We help you in installing systems that gather everything you need to know about your product to make informed decisions.

Data for Mobile

We can cover mobile from a data perspective: How does your application handle all the hard things like syncing, backend connections or slow connections while still allowing the UI developers to do their hard things with ease?

Search for eCommerce

Search is an important cornerstone of eCommerce. We can build modern search functions with all bells and whistles, covering auto-completion, suggestion, geo-location and other complex scoring methologies.

Elasticsearch / Logstash

Elasticsearch is a modern, distributed search and aggregation engine based on Apache Lucene. It is our tool of choice for everything from text based searching to complex metrics gathering, for example from logs.


We still like SQL and Postgres is one of our favourite pieces of software. If a reliable, standard workhorse is what you need, we can deliver.


CouchDB excels at syncing and replication and is a great backend for mobile applications. The database is reliable and proven in many deployments.

Other tools

We also cover MySQL, CouchBase, Redis, Riak and other databases. Varnish, Nginx, Wowza, and other important infrastructure components are also within our area of expertise.


We have lots of Ruby experience, actually doing Ruby since before Rails was invented. Whether MRI or JRuby, we can offer both. We were involved in the Padrino project and maintain several Open Source projects.

Polyglot Development

We don't stop at Ruby. We speak: Java, Python, C, C++, C#/.net, Objective-C, Haskell, Lua, Elixir and some other smaller languages. We have no problems picking up other languages.


We are one of the first vendors offering professional services for the programming language Rust, a safe and concurrent systems programming language.

We work for the community

Ruby Berlin e.V.

We are personally involved in the Ruby Berlin e.V., a non-profit supporting teaching of the Ruby language in German-speaking countries.


We are involved in the Rust Open Source project by doing community outreach as well as helping out with projects. One of our goals is to teach people about Rust and popularise it in the development communities.

Rust Berlin

As an active part of the Rust Berlin Community we host and co-organize events like 'Hack and Learn Rust'. Meet us bi-weekly at the learning group or at special events.


Some of our employees are personally involved in the eurucamp conference, providing a fun summer experience covering the programming language Ruby.

Code Curious Berlin

Part of us is involved in the Rails Girls Community through supporting the Code Curious Berlin (formerly known as Rails Girls Berlin) workshops and hackdays or coaching at these events.

Past community contributions

Search Usergroup Berlin

We ran the Search Usergroup Berlin every last Tuesday of the month related to topics about search.


We hosted a monthly meetup that was happening in the morning, called mrgn.in. It was a good way to start the day, see a general presentation about software development and talk to other early birds while having breakfast.