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Rust, WebAssembly & Web Workers for speed and profit

In a recent client project we had the chance to refactor an existing feature with Rust, WebAssembly & web workers. In an internal web application used by logistics teams in multiple countries, one essential feature is the generation of QR codes. They...

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The Path to Rust on the Web

Recently there has been quite a bit of talk about WebAssembly, a new format for code for the web. It is a compile target for languages like C and Rust that enables us to write, and run, code from these languages in our browser.

In the interest of...

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Setting up a Rust Development Environment

In this post we'll be discussing one way to set up your machine for Rust development. There are different ways, particularly related to the text editor, so feel free to skip what is irrelevant to you. We'll focus on:

  • Setting up Rust via Rustup...
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The Future With Futures

Recently there has been a lot of progress in the Rust language towards a robust asynchronous stack. In this article we'll take a look at what these things are, take a tour of what's available, play with some examples, and talk about how the pieces...

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TDD with Guard

Using Guard for TDD

In the Ruby community testing and in particular test-driven development (TDD) is a common practice. When writing a gem this is often one of the first steps to set up by picking a suitable test framework. Creating a gem via Bundler

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Writing a command line application in Elixir

During the last days I got the chance to spend a bit of time playing around with Elixir. Elixir is, compared to other languages still a very new one. It has a Ruby-like syntax and compiles to Erlang VM bytecode. It is available for all major Linux...

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Testing external APIs in Ruby

Writing web services or applications that consume APIs is a common part of web development. Be it either a web service that is developed internally or by using an existing API from a 3rd party.

When writing tests against an external API one can face...

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Getting git right

On the 27th November, after the last Mrgn of the year, I spent the afternoon at the Getting Git Right event organised by Atlassian (makers of JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Bitbuckets and some other developer tools we have used before at asquera) and Codecentric...

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An elasticsearch development workflow with curl and bash

elasticsearch is not quite like other databases - this is unsurprising, because elasticsearch is actually an index server. Data storage is secondary and happens though attaching the input data to a special field for later retrieval (thats the _source) field. This has interesting implications to your workflow. For that reason, I'd like to present my workflow when developing elasticsearch indices.

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Vagrant on Mavericks


Since this post got a lot of attention last night (hey all of you upgraders!) I'll add a couple of things that I figured out since writing the post.

  • Please note that this post refers to VirtualBox 4.2. In the meantime 4.3 has been released...
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