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Ernesto Miguez is an Asquera - dor

We are pleased to welcome @xemig to the team. Ernesto brings his polyglot skills with computers and humans to Asquera where he will be part of the backend team.

Ernesto speaks fluent spanish, english, dutch, french and some german. His list of programming languages is not shorter, currently focussing on Ruby and Python. He strengthes our team with his skill in languages, especially when speaking about full-text search and ElasticSearch.

Ernesto Miguez

With a dark past in Philosophy and Mathematical Logic in the Paris streets, he now enjoys the enlightenment that computer programming brings to his life.

We met him last September, in the streets of Barcelona, lost, looking for the Baruco beach party. Since them we could not get rid of him and his enthousiasm. He hosted me in Buenos Aires when I flew to talk at RubyConf Argentina.

Two months ago he send us and email informing he was leaving everything behind to come to Berlin. Suddenly, he everywhere: at RailsCamp Cologne, JRubyConf EU, eurucamp and Elastic Search UG. There was only one way we could avoid running into him by accident all the time: having him in the team.

Follow him on GitHub and Twitter. Or just send him a good old-fashioned email.